Corporate Tax Serivces

Corporate Tax Services in UAE and GCC by Acute Consultants.

Corporate Tax Service in UAE.

The Corporate Tax in United Arab Emirates is effective from June 2023. The Standard rate of Corporate Tax in UAE is 9% for Taxable Profits over and above 375000 Dirhams while the taxable profit up to AED375000 is taxed at 0%.

United Arab Emirates has not been taxing business profits erstwhile. Being the very start of Corporate Tax in UAE, it is highly needed to understand it impacts on business, do tax planning and restructure your business to be compliant with UAE Corporate Tax Laws. Corporate Tax (CT) is a Direct Tax and is charged on business profit unlike Value Added Tax (VAT) which is indirect tax and is charged on sales and which in place since 2018.

Acute Consultants provide professional Corporate Tax service for its clients in UAE to help them in their tax compliance.

Our professional tax advisers are there to help you in,

  • Registering for Corporate Tax with Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and having Tax Number.

  • Corporate Tax Impact Assessment.

  • Corporate Tax Implementation.

  • Business Restructuring to Minimize Tax Impact.

  • Corporate Tax Planning.

  • Corporate Tax Compliance.

  • Corporate Tax Computation and Filing Tax Return on your behalf to Federal Tax Authority.

  • Providing Tax Compliant Accounting Software for your Accounting and Reporting. 

  • Training for Corporate Tax Accounting and Compliance.

  • Training and Compliance with Transfer Pricing Rules.

* You can enjoy complete tax compliance with our Bookkeeping and Accounting Plans.*

Contact us now to be Corporate Tax Compliant.

Please Note: Corporate Tax in UAE is applicable on all businesses on including Free Zone companies. There is no tax on personal income from employment, real estate or any other investment or income from any other activity which legally do not require a license or permit to do business in United Arab Emirates. Natural Person and Sole Establishment are also required to register for corporate tax with few exceptions to revenue thresholds.