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QuickBooks Certified PRo advisor | SAge Certified Adviser

We are providing QuickBooks, Sage (Desktop & Online) and Zohobooks Trainings in UAE, Oman, Qatar and in other GCC countries.

An accounting software is a features rich tool for managing enterprise resources and accounting information but at the same time it can be of no use if an Accountant is not fully trained how the information is processed to get desired results.

We are Professional Accountants with years of diverse experience. We are Certified Pro Advisor for QuickBooks and Sage trainings and have already trained a number of corporate employees and students in different countries including Pakistan, UAE, Oman, Qatar and other GCC countries.

We provide fully interactive remote trainings and full support and answers to your queries after training.

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For Corporate Clients, we shall start with a meeting to understand your Business Process, Local Laws & Regulations, Current Record Keeping Practices, Number of Employees and their Current Level of Expertise and Education, so we could find out the gaps and add value to your organization to the max.

We assure your reduced dependency on spread sheet reports and to fetch all possible reports straight away from your

For Accounts Students, we will make you a pro. You will be provided student or trial version of accounting software for your practical learning and trained for both Desktop and Online Versions. You will be given assignment to get hands on practical data.

Here is what you will learn in standard training from basics to advanced level.

This  is just an illustrative list and not the conclusive points. Practical training will cover more than this.

  • How to set up QuickBooks Desktop or Online.
QB Training Certified Advisor UAE OMAN QATAR GCC Pakistan
  • Creating a New Company in QuickBooks.
  • Configuring Multi Users and Server Settings.
  • Activating desired features.
  • Creating accounting periods and year end settings.
  • Setting up users and granting customized permission for every user or group of users.


2 - QB Training Certified Advisor UAE OMAN QATAR GCC Pakistan
  • Customizing Templates for Quotations, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes, Invoices and Receipts etc.
3 - QB Training Certified Advisor UAE OMAN QATAR GCC Pakistan
  • Categorize and Set up Chart of Accounts.
  • Creating Transaction Like, Sale order, Purchase order, Invoices, Receipts
  • Recording Expenses Bills.
  • Recording Bills payment entries, Customers payment receipts.
  • Writing Cheques.
  • Creating General Entries and Year end adjusting entries.
  • Understanding Customers and Suppliers modules.
  • Understanding of different types of “Items”, a very unique way of back end accounting in QB.
4 - QB Training Certified Advisor UAE OMAN QATAR GCC Pakistan
  • Understanding Inventory Module, Inventory Items from Basics to Advance level like Multi Brands, Multi Sites etc.
  • Setting up Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Reorder point and Maximum stock level.
  • Transfer of Inventory among different sites.
  • Stock Counts and Quantity and Value Adjustment.
  • Building Assemblies.
  • Understanding Customers Jobs.
  • Accessing and Customizing all kind of Reports (in-depth professional training).
  • Creating you own customized reports templates.
  • Tax Accounting Setup.
  • Understanding Class Tracking and setting up class and subclasses.
  • Understanding and setting up Multi Currency.
  • How to record Foreign Currency Transactions.
  • Understanding audit trail and when it is useful.
  • Find Anything Ever Entered in to the QuickBooks and who did it, and when.
  • How to track if an error has occurred and rectify the same.
  • Data Archiving, Backup and restore settings.
  • Understanding how QB uses short keys.
  • Developing Skills for Smart Entries. (Pro. Level)
  • Data migration from other software and importing data in to the QB. (Pro. Level)
  • Mapping the Statement of Cash Flows as per IAS-7 standard reporting structure. (Pro. Level)
  • Setting up Recurring and Automatic Entries. (Pro. Level)
  • Recording and Deleting Batch Entries. (Pro. Level)
  • Developing problem solving skills to overcome real life on job challenges. (Pro. Level)
  • Developing Skills to understand particular way of recording transaction to get easily customizable reports. (Pro. Level)

The above list is not conclusive and is just to give an idea what a standard training comprises of. Your practically challenges will be adhered.